Pause ; Continuation

The suggestions to make pros & cons lists are almost as copious as my pros & cons lists.

Mainly, they look like this:

For far too long, I have been living on the pivot point of a fear-based seesaw that is perpetually tilting just enough to keep me off-balance.

I have questionable balance to begin with

But ultimately, life is a series of pros & cons lists, some far more unbalanced than others.

Sit down with your 22-year-old self, and discuss.

There are novels and movies and tv shows about the Big Event that makes someone Drop Everything and Change Their Life.

Maybe your Big Event is smaller, so your Change is smaller.

Not everything has to be monumentous.

But change is scary. Sometimes, that keeps you in place until the consistency becomes scary too. And fear is a terrific motivator.

have you ever considered hang gliding?

So you have a choice.

Several choices, really. But it all comes down to two:

And so I chose ‘go’.

Not how I wanted to. It’s a faltering but wholehearted leap.

A pause to catch my breath.

And then a continuation, with something new. Something better.

What is to come will be lighter, brighter, and hopefully more entertaining.

I hope you’ll leap with me.

; Payton

stay tuned to watch me try to figure out how to draw

5 thoughts on “Pause ; Continuation

  1. Love this so much Payton! You’re so right about is this where past me would want me to be…maybe I’ll be next sooner than planned!

  2. Well said! All of the unknowns running marathons in our mind’s is a scary place to be at times, but that’s where our dreams live. What ifs can consume us. Enjoy life and it’s journeys. May your go sending you soaring high.

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